Tristan Mathieu Duché served as a deputy in the French Legislative Assembly. In 1851, a coup d’etat by Louis Napoleon Bonaparte (later Napoleon III) resulted in the exile of fifty members of the French Parliament, Including T. M. Duché. Also among the exiled was Victor Hugo, whose famous book “L’Histoire d’un Crime)” tells the story of the coup and, incidentally, mentions Duché, who took up residence in London.

Although a distinguished lawyer and statesman of France, Tristan Mathieu Duché was not able to practice his profession in England. However, he was not one to stay idle and, in 1857, founded the “House Of Duché” in partnership with two of his sons, Claude and J.B. Marius, for the purpose of entering into foreign trade. The company prospered; its growth included the establishment of branches in various parts of the world.

T.M.Duché & Sons became part of S&W Berisford Group in 1972. However, when the group broke up, we became private again in 1991.

We are now based in offices in prestigious new offices at the “Station House” in Knutsford, Cheshire.

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