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Meet our new Technical Manager

The team at TM Duche are very excited to welcome Dave Bond, who is joining us as our new Technical Manager.

With a strong background within both the Quality and Technical sectors, Dave will be the key point of contact between suppliers and customers in Europe on all technical matters. From managing supplier questionnaires to answering technical questions relating to the factory processes or Ethical standards, he will be providing a vital line of support.

In addition, he will also be ensuring that customers are assured that the products supplied are produced to the highest standards relating to food safety and quality, whilst ensuring business practices have minimal impact on the environment and Ethical standards are met through the membership of Sedex.

With experience of supplying fresh produce to major retailers and knowledge of BRC and HACCP, Dave has a wealth of experience to bring to the role and company.

New Certificates

Finally all new BRC certificates and reports are on website members section.

New Technical Admin Officer

Just to say today Scarlet Chamberlain has joined us as Technical Admin Officer. She will be working hard alongside rest of the team here to help clients.

Updated Kosher Certification

New Kosher Certification has been issued. Please login to our members area to view updated certificates

New Documents

New files have been added to Coconut section

Coconut oil stays firm at $1040 C+F Rotterdam

Coconut oil stays firm at $1040 C+F Rotterdam

Typhoon Update

We have posted a typhoon update on the market section of our website.

Palm and Lauric Conference begins in KL.

Palm and Lauric Conference begins in KL.

Coconut oil up

$1170 C+F Rotterdam