10 Fabulous Festive Facts

1. Speedy Santa

Did you know that Santa has to visit 822 homes per second to ensure he delivers all our presents? This means he travels at 650 miles per second!! With all those mince pies and brandy, let’s hope the police don’t pull him over!

2. World’s Tallest Christmas Tree

Yet to be beaten, the world’s largest Christmas Tree was erected in a Washington shopping mall in 1950!

3. World’s Biggest Snowman

The world’s largest snowman was built in 1999 and he stood at a mighty grand 113ft tall. I would imagine that it would be tricky for him to be walking in the air!

4. Christmas Crackers

THE largest Christmas cracker was a mighty 45.72m long and 3.04m in diameter. This fabulous effort by our friends in Australia was pulled in 1991. Oooft! I bet that went with a BANG!

5. Santa and his many names

SANTA has different names around the world. Here is a little selection:
Chile: Viejo Pascuero (“Old Man Christmas”)
Germany: Kris Kringle or Weihnachtsmann
Mexico: Nino Jesus
Norway: Julenissen (“Christmas gnome”)
Poland: Gwiazdor (Star Man)
Russia: Ded Moroz (“Grandfather Frost”)
Sweden: Jultomten (“Christmas brownie”)
United Kingdom: Father Christmas
Wales: Sion Corn (Chimney John)

6. Christmas Pudding

Originally, Christmas Pudding was a soup made of wine and raisins.

7. Mistletoe Kisses

Frigga, the Norse goddess of love, was associated with the mistletoe plant and it is believed that this is where the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe originates from.

8. Festive Films

THE highest-grossing Christmas movie is How The Grinch Stole Christmas, which has raked in £175m!

9. Santa in Iceland

THERE are 13 Father Christmas in Iceland and each of them leave a gift for children. One by one they come down from the mountain. This begins on December 12 and they have very sinister names such as Sausage swiper, candle stealer, spoon licker and window peeper!

10. The very first Christmas!

Britain celebrated Christmas for the first time in York in 521AD. There’s been a lot of sprouts eaten in that time!

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