Merry Christmas

This week and next should see almost all business come to a halt. However just a quick update for edible oils before the holidays. Figures seem to show during December demand for Palm oil dipping further then expected. This has caused prices to dip after several weeks of upward pressure. The markets concern is purely that El Nino should see crops falling but if demand falls at an equal rate then maybe Palm might not rise as much as first thought. The reality is this could be an effect of Crude oil dropping below $40 a barrel so lowering Bio Fuel demand. Coconut oil has been trading slightly firmer though as strong demand in that market plus reducing crops affect prices.

Desiccated prices remain pinned by competition really even though upward pressure increases. Also likely slow demand into the holiday period is not helping. It will be interesting to see where prices start in the New Year as its likely they will move up in January unless Coconut oil eases.

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