Are we set for Palm Oil rise now?

Several investment banks are now pushing out reports that say Palm Oil is set for a slow but steady price increase from now till the end of 2019. Lower inventories along with lower crops are the given reasons for the expected price rise. Its the demand element that remains at the moment slightly elusive. Whilst few doubt that crops have been lower year to date demand has also been weaker. Economic uncertainty in Europe due to Brexit and China/US due to the trade war have all helped to lower demand. But will now tensions in the Persian Gulf help or hinder any rise in edible oils? Crude oil has risen on the latest attack reversing a downward trend. Coconut oil prices have been weaker in the last week after a couple of stable weeks that saw some slight rises. Coconut oil remains extremely cheap if not too cheap to last. But with oversupply and weak edible oil market in general its likely to stay low for a while yet.

Desiccated prices for now have been stable for last few weeks all be it very low. Demand is stable and steady with business being booked through now till early/mid with some buyers keen to lock in quite far forward before prices to start to move up. But with some shippers still having spare capacity to ship its holding the market low with little sign of change. For now whilst there is an odd extra special deal being offered for most the prices remains unchanged. .


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