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TM Duché Announce move to Prestigious New Offices

On Monday 15th November TM Duché and Sons have announced their move to prestigious new offices at the Glasshouse within the Alderley Park, set in 400 acres of Cheshire countryside Glasshouse is a rare haven for innovation, where hi-tech companies, have generous workspaces set in beautiful, extensive grounds, surrounded by exceptional facilities — how many people can say they have a full-sized football pitch at work?

More than this, it’s home to a collaborative community. A place where like-minded, future-facing businesses live, breathe and participate under one roof.

“Moving from the centre of Wilmslow to the Glasshouse is part of an ongoing growth plan that TM Duché has started before the pandemic, with a satellite company opening in the USA in 2020 and an influx of new staff. TM Duché is on an upward growth curve into the future”, said Cameron Dick, Managing Director.

“This new workspace gives TM Duché more space for collaboration and growth while maintaining their core family values while focusing on sustainability and quality into the future.”



TM Duché & Primex Update Typhoon Kammuri (Tisoy) Wednesday 5th December 2019

Foremost in our minds, at the moment is the loss of life that the typhoon has caused in the Philippines and the effects on homes and livelihoods of friends and families.

According to the Joint Analysis of Disaster Response (JADE) conducted by the Pacific Disaster Centre (PDC), WFP and OCHA, more than 3 million people are living in areas expected to be seriously affected and will likely need humanitarian assistance.

Out of those, an estimated 1 million people (about 300,000 children under 15 years; 612,000 adults; 50,000 elderly over 65 years) are considered highly vulnerable based on pre-existing socioeconomic indicators.

We are working to ensure we can help wherever possible.


Typhoon Kammuri passed through the northern coconut growing areas of the Philippines.

All three factories of our factories for desiccated coconut and coconut oil production in the Northern Philippines had various levels of physical damage as a result of the Typhoon,

We are working hard on repairs already and hope to re-start some production as early as the weekend, with full production resuming into the end of next week

Our main distribution port suffered a significant amount of damage and we expect the clean-up to take 4-5 days and operations there to re-start early next week.

Ongoing Effects & Market Prices

With many roads still closed or blocked with debris following the Typhoon, we have not done a full assessment of the effects on all the crop areas, but we know some areas have been affected much more than others.

We expect crops will be affected in the coming months with an initial abundance of materials, with the excessive fall of the nuts following the high winds. This will lead to an initial dip in prices with an oversupply into January 2020

However, the knock-on effect will be felt from February, when the harvest cycle will have been broken and there will be a shortage in the harvest leading to inevitable low production and price increases that could remain well into Spring 2020.

Typhoon Update 4th December 2019

The New York Time is saying at least 17 dead
At it is reported that Typhoon Tisoy is weakening as it heads to the West Philippine Sea.

Philippines Typhoon – Update 3rd December Legazpi City Domestic Airport sustained serious damage on Tuesday

News from the

LOOK: Legazpi airport sustains damage as Tisoy barrels across PH

Updates on Typhoon Kammuri – 3rd Dec 2019

Some Updates on Typhoon Kammuri as it makes Landfall in the Philippines from the BBC & CNN with Manilla Airport Currently Closed – 3rd Dec 2019

Update on Typhoon Kammuri – 2nd December 2019

Update on Typhoon Kammuri – (the local name is Typhoon Tisoy) From the site

Estimated at Signal No. 3 winds of 121 km/h to 170 km/h – with heavy rain & flooding

Typhoon Kammuri Updates

Here is the latest update from the Gulf News on Typhoon Kammuri  from The Gulf News Site – Sunday 1st December 2019


Thousands of residents on the Pacific-facing side of eastern Philippines have started moving to safer ground ahead of typhoon Kammuri, now gathering strength in the Pacific.

Packing gusts of up to 150 km/h as of December 1, Kammuri is expected to pick up speed before it hits land.

The monster storm is set to kick up “storm surges” of up to 8.5 meters — potentially inundating vulnerable sea-side villages and towns in the archipelagic republic.



How did a humble coconut save JFK ??

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Costa and Starbucks among coffee chains urged to drop plant milk surcharge

The move to more people drinking non-dairy is growing – but with the difference in unit costs between more mainstream dairy and soya coconut and nut alternatives, means that the profit margins will always dictate a surcharge for non-dairy in the short term at least.



Coconut Water & its Benefits

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