Bottom for Crude?

Has crude oil hit the bottom? At its lowest Brent crude was around $45 but today is trading at $57 and moving up? Palm Oil has also seen recent strength as hopes Indonesian subsidies will see Bio fuel growth so increasing demand. Remember that at the moment production has been falling but demand has been falling at a faster rate. Coconut oil though has been trading lower hovering around the $1100 level as low crude prices bite at the market. But 2015 production of coconut oil is expected to fall by just under 1% which could help hold prices??

Desiccated demand has been rebounding a little in the last week or so. Whilst Philippine shippers prices have remained unchanged prices from Sri Lanka and Indonesia have risen slightly as demand spills over. But this spill over demand could lead to weakening of Philippine prices as business goes to these other origins. In fact whilst Medium coconut remains sold out up to three months in advance Macaroon (Fine) is available for shipment much quicker!

Let's go back to market news...