Changes to Production April 2021

2021 is another year of changes and uncertainties; while the COVID vaccination programs are well ahead in countries, others are heading into further lockdowns like France and Italy and the Philippines.

We are like most other producers in the Philippines, have backlogs of orders and have been trying to catch up for over 12 months.

We have succeeded somewhat in improving, but it is very much two steps forward and one step back with COVID and other challenges.

So, the factories have decided to try a new strategy to try to get ahead – as most of what the factories produce is medium and macaroon, they will solely focus on these at the expense of chips, toasted chips, and shred. As there must be breaks in production to swap over to different grades

We will be fulfilling current orders, but we are not taking orders for chips, toasted chips, and shred moving forward until further notice.

Hopefully, this will enable the bulk of our orders to get manufactured a little quicker. This will not be a magic bullet but may help us improve.

Shipping continues to be a massive challenge across the board with pricing and availability and ongoing delays that the Suez incident in no way helped. Fortunately, we had no containers in the Ever Given, as they are still stuck on board.


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