Crude oil and Edible oil

Current predication today is that crude oil will still see a glut throughout 2016.This is leading many to believe that crude oil will only trade slightly higher at $60 a barrel as opposed to the $50 at the moment. At the moment actual oil demand is up but through into 2016 this is expected to weaken as economies round the world struggle. Palm oil supply is expected to decline in 2016 as El Nino effects crops. At the end of November a major conference in Bali might shed some more light of Palm oil for 2016. Coconut oil remains for now pegged around the $1100 mark as demand slows slightly but also so has crops caused by drier weather earlier this year.

Desiccated prices also remain stable as supply is quite competitive at the moment and whilst crop yields have fallen slightly its yet to really impact on prices. More competition on VCO has really been the biggest impact as number of suppliers increasing is outstripping demand at the moment.


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