Happy Holidays

Well as 2016 draws to a close we would like to wish all our clients a very happy holidays and hope for the best in 2017.

The weather though probably will get the last word as a typhoon is now due to hit the Philippines on the 26th. Whilst normally a typhoon this late in the season will nut be too powerful it’s still due to hit Manila. Edible oils have been firm for last couple of weeks as Palm crops are still thought to lowered then expected and demand high. Couple in more issues with sustainability and you can see why prices might be still moving higher. Also Cruse oil has been firmer as OPEC lower production helps to tighten supply if only by a small amount.

Desiccated prices end the year stronger but pegged slightly back by competition. However if oil continues to rise then we can expected desiccated prices to jump when everyone ne return to work in January.

For now though have a good holiday and we will see you all in 2017!!

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