Latest Update from the Philippines 20th March 2020

During the current worldwide situation, things are changing daily, so we recommend you call us, to get an update.

At the moment in the Philippines, our partner Primex has informed us that, of the following updates

There are delays in internal transportation across certain regions, due to travel restrictions, and with the initial uncertainty of what can and cannot happen in the first few days and the issuing of relevant permits.

“After some food and agriculture delivery got stuck at quarantine checkpoints on Tuesday, Agriculture Secretary William Dar reassured that there will be unrestricted movement of food and agriculture products amid the coronavirus-triggered lockdown in Luzon from now on.” – from the Manilla Bulletin.

Factories are operating under the newly updated hygiene arrangements

Updates regarding the ports, Manilla, should be operating as normal into next week after some delays this week and Davao operating with limited availability of food-grade containers.






TM Duché & Sons and Primex have set up a new more direct communication structure with Primex’s factories in the Philippines, this means that we have a better picture of what volume of products are coming out of each factory. This means we will be able to give even more up to date information to all our customers.

We are also working to move more paperwork to electronic formats, this is something we have been working on for some time in the background, but the current market challenges have meant we are looking to introduce this sooner. There are some local logistics we are still working on, and we will keep you updated.

Quality Control 

Primex and TM Duché have the highest quality control certifications available for all our products for every market. And this has not changed.

Primex has introduced enhanced hygiene procedures for every member of staff in its factories including temperature testing upon arrival at sites and disinfecting of hands & feet. Primex has already had nurses at every site in the Philippines for a number a years, as part of their staff care programmes. Staff are at the heart of what Primex does and they continue to ensure their health and wellbeing is their utmost concern.

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