Latest Positions 9th June 2020

We are working with Primex on a daily basis to get the latest positions.

Primex has been running at factories at a reduced capacity over the past few months due to several factors:

  • Staffing shortages due to the COVID-19 lockdowns.
  • Physical distancing measures put in place within the factories.
  • Shortages of raw materials due to transport.

The entire market has had the same production delays, with some markets closed entirely over the past couple of months.

Primex has been regularly updating and streamlining production processes, as well as adding in new shift patterns to increase production, and it is increasing overall production.

However, there is a backlog of orders in the system.

We are now working on the earliest positions realistically available as being October.

So we recommend that you get your orders in now!

– we are taking positions into December already and imagine the 2021 book will be open in the next couple of weeks.

The rest of the market and with other producers are also sending the same signals.

The longer-term effect on pricing is hard to judge right now, but with positions for Q4 filling up, prices are likely to rise with demand.

In the background, we are developing automated notification systems for clients to update them on orders, manufacturing and shipping.


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