Market Trends and Export Insights for Coconut Products and Oil Sector First Week of May 2024, 

Oil Prices Stabilize Amidst Varied Trade Flows

The international market for coconut oil has remained relatively stable with the price for sellers marked between $1,395.00 and $1,431.75 per metric ton, while European buyers offer between $1,300.00 and $1,470.00. Notably, the price for desiccated coconutremains consistent across the USA and Europe at 80 to 95 cents per pound, indicating steady demand in these regions.


Decline in Export Volumes Signals Market Shifts

Export figures from the Philippines paint a challenging picture for the first quarter of 2024, with a significant decrease of 45.6% in March alone compared to the previous year. The detailed breakdown reveals a 49.9% drop in coconut oil exports, largely driven by diminished trade with the EU and the USA. Similarly, other coconut-based products like copra meal and oleo chemicals have seen reduced shipments, highlighting a broader downturn in the sector.


Regional Highlights and Opportunities

On the domestic front, the prices in local markets such as Quezon and Mindanao are showing slight decreases, suggesting an oversupply or reduced local demand. However, the desiccated coconut market domestically shows a price hike, potentially indicating a niche that could be capitalized on, given the stable prices internationally.


Moving Forward

The current market scenario requires a strategic reassessment for stakeholders in the coconut oil and related products sector.

Exporters might need to explore new markets or diversify their product ranges to mitigate the impacts of declining traditional markets like the EU and USA. Additionally, innovation in product offerings, such as the launch of the Serenitea Cloud Coconut Collection, indicates potential for market expansion through value-added products.


In conclusion, while the coconut product sector faces significant challenges in export volumes, opportunities for stabilization and growth remain, particularly through market diversification and product innovation. Stakeholders should remain vigilant and responsive to the dynamic market conditions to harness these opportunities effectively.

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