For the most part at the moment Palm Oil is edging just a little higher even with a drop in demand during October as shown by higher stocks. Demand for Soya would though appear up slightly on higher export figures. Still on traders minds is the fact that Palm oil crops for 2017 could dip which coudl drive prices even higher. Coconut oil is edging up also slightly but its busy time of the year and concerns over weather normally play on peoples minds.

For the most part the Philippines are fully sold now for this year. Also there have been heavy sales already for the first quarter of 2017 as buyers look to secure supply in case of poor weather. November and Early December can be the worse months for typhoons so most are watching hoping for good weather. There has been news recently that some Indonesian shippers are behind with their shipments so making a tight spot position even worse! For those that are interested you can keep an eye on typhoons here https://metoc.ndbc.noaa.gov/en/JTWC/;jsessionid=156125B720554A548995E4C3B1F55549#_48_INSTANCE_0SiamlX2KcM6_=https%3A%2F%2Fmetoc.ndbc.noaa.gov%2FProductFeeds-portlet%2Fimg%2Fjtwc%2Fhtml%2Fcoop.jsp%3F

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