Palm oil and edibles oils fall again on trade war news

Palm oil had been getting slightly stronger recently as production continued to slow but with high stock levels prices were being kept from moving up much. But with the reigniting of Chinese-US trade war on Thursday prices have fallen sharply. Will palm oil be dragged into the war again and just what effect will it have on the market as a whole. China have yet to announce if they will increase duty on US Soy but its likely. With commodity markets around the world falling with the announcement of more US tariffs its likely to be bumpy for a while yet.Coconut oil has yet to react to the new of the trade war but with a current price of $665 which is lowest in 10 years its not much further to fall.

Desiccated prices have not moved much from the current extremely low levels for a while now. But whats interesting is that for the most part all 3 main origins are now within about $200 of each other. The market seems for now to be reflecting that all 3 continue with good supply are very competitive at the moment. But stories of lower supply of raw nuts in Indonesia grow and some shippers there will only offer nearby positions.

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