Palm oil is up but for how long?

So Palm oil has been on a rally recently reaching a six month high on the back of strong demand. However a recent report from a leading analyst is saying that Palm oil could now decline 15-17% as demand falls away mainly from northern hemisphere at this time of year? But with Crude Oil prices up recently is such a decline likely? Coconut oil prices have been stable at the moment but traders are watching weather systems at the moment as we enter the highest part of the typhoon season. Supply is tight so it wont take much to push prices higher.

Desiccated prices have been firmer lately as Philippine shippers are now pretty highly sold till the end of the year. In fact the number of sales for early 2018 have been higher now then this time last year. Some are keen to secure supply others hedging against poor weather. Certainly availability for Nov/Dec seems destined to causes problems for some.

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