Palm Oil production up

So whilst some predicted that Palm oil crops would continue to grow over the summer period few expected to the levels which have just been reported. As expected Palm oil prices have weakened on the back of this news. Further predictions though do say that Indonesia is expected to have the largest export figures ever for 2017. Could the two balance each other out. At least for now crude oil price remains stable. Coconut oil prices have been weaker as exports have slipped over the summer months. But prices have failed to drop by the same level which is making some nervous that if demand picks up then prices could rise sharply.

Desiccated prices have been weaker during the early part of this summer but not by much. With buyers now slowly starting to return from summer holidays demand is picking up once more. August and September are fully sold with October sales are picking up now as well. We watch and wait to see what effects typhoon season has on prices.

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