POC 2015 Round Up

So the round up from last weeks POC in Kuala Lumpur is that they cannot agree on direction for Palm Oil. No real surprises there then. Some believe the market will rise now until the summer on the back of resurgent demand before crop recovery starts to take effect. Others believe that this crop recovery is happening now and along with low crude prices will decline until summer when crude prices should start to pic up? Coconut oil was mentioned in the belief that whilst crops are recovering after lows of 2014 its will be a while till we see crops recover to pre-2013 levels. So predicting that coconut oil will remain firmer then other edible oils.

Desiccated has been weakening recently as strong supply from Indonesia pushes down prices in the Philippines. Whilst demand for Medium grade continues to outstrip supply the same cannot be said for Macaroon. But with oil prices still hovering above the $1100 level its unlikely to fall very far.

Let's go back to market news...