Stable edible oil with anything but stable pricing.

Its an odd statement that edible oil is stable yet prices are not. But at the moment with good stocks and good weather then pricing should be fairly stagnant. But the looming trade war being declared by current US government means pricing is anything but stable. China’s threats to add duty to US Crude Oil imports and US threats about duty for edible oil imports means pricing is very volatile and in some pretty unpredictable ways. President Trump’s tweet that OPEC needs to reduce prices caused ASIA stock market to fail so pushing currencies lower knocking pricing of Palm oil. But at the same time concerns over increasing Crude Oil prices is adding some support. Who knows where pricing will be in the next few weeks.There are though a number of predictions that 2019 will see edible oil prices trade higher as crops fall slightly and demand stay stagnant. Coconut oil pricing seems for now to be trading in tight range so hopefully this may stay for a while.

Desiccated prices have been stable for a couple of weeks now. Lower coconut oil prices should be weakening desiccated more then it is at the moment. But higher overheads caused by staff shortages along with greater quality controls seems to be stopping prices falling any further. Add in repeated Salmonella issues this year and prices look likely to stay where they are. France is the latest country to have a coconut related product recall this time of Indonesian desiccated coconut. This once more re-enforces the need to be very sure about your supplier.

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