Trouble ahead ???

Edible oils continue to be weak pinned back by the low crude oil prices. With crude oils low so bio fuels tend not to perform well hence lower edible oil prices. Whilst there are some smaller regional differences as fro bio fuel mixing already some governments are slowing down projected plans for higher blending percentages. Still though underlying this Palm oil production has dipped caused by bad weather and problems with trees. Coconut oil is being dragged down by other edible oils even if demand is actually very much on the up.

Desiccated prices were looking weaker tracking a little with lower oil prices. However demand remains strong and we have seen prices up slightly with some origins as orders trickle into the market. Continued nearby demand is keeping spot prices high along with limited stock held by some shippers. The cautionary note is that everyone is now holding their breath watching and waiting to see how the Euro zone will fair with the recent Greek elections and change of policy as regards repaying debts.

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