Unusual response

So on Thursday the Fed decided that there was too much uncertainty in the world markets for an interest rate rise. The prediction was for market to rise if this happened but what we got was the opposite. Traders took fear that this along with news of the Greek Elections meant we could still be in for some economic upheaval. Up until this point Palm oil had been rising as export data was showing better then expected results and the market waived off India increasing import duties for Palm Oil. Coconut oil fell on Friday as a result but with rising husked nut prices it could rise again this week. .

Husked nut prices have been slowly getting firmer in the Philippines. Primary reason seems to be this years drier weather during first 6 months is now starting to impact crops. Also with increased capacity now to process coconuts in the Philippines so local demand is up a little as well. Will the weakness towards the end of last in coconut oil also take some of the pressure of desiccated prices?

Let's go back to market news...