Update for 20th April 2020

The updates this week follow the same challenges for production as last week.

There are still issues around transport infrastructure within the Philippines at the moment and this is leading to a shortage of raw materials in factories across the country

It is reported that Manilla Container Terminal (MICT), is now operating at normal productivity levels with cargo backlogs quickly clearing out. There have been issues with containers of unclaimed cargo, (2,736 containers) which have been now transferred to other yards. Most of the issues have surrounded incoming cargo, but this has a knock-on effect on outgoing containers.

Also, there is still a shortage of food-safe containers affecting all areas not just coconut, in the far east.

Pricing levels for coconut oils and desiccated are still in a period of uncertainty, we know that supply shortages are liable to push up prices – but other edible oil prices are falling due to lack of demand, with crude oil prices dropping and oversupply an issue.


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