Update on Typhoon Karding / Noru Monday 26th September

Typhoon Karding / Noru, the most powerful Typhoon to hit the Philippines this year, made landfall on the coast in Burdeos town in Quezon province before nightfall on Sunday. The Typhoon then weakened as it moved overnight across the Central Luzon region, with thousands of people forced to emergency shelters, some forcibly.

Loss of life has been reported, including five rescuers, but no official figures are available – our prayers are with the people of the Philippines.

Flights into the Philippines have been cancelled, and there is significant transport disruption due to flooding and damage to buildings and roads.

Over 17,000 people were moved to shelters in communities most at risk from tidal surges, flooding and landslides in Quezon.

More than 3,000 people were evacuated to safety in metropolitan Manila, lashed by fierce wind and rain overnight.

The weather has improved as the Typhoon has passed, but with communication lines disrupted, there is no complete picture of the total damage.

There will be disruption to production and exports off the back of the typhoon – but it is to tell how much.

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