Where is Your Coconut Oil Actually From ?

The ongoing shortages of coconut raw materials have led to some tough questions about where products are sourced.

Here at TM Duché, we have been in partnership with Primex in the Philippines for over 40 years; all coconut raw materials come from farms and factories regularly audited by major high street retailers and global industries and standards like BRC.

Because of this, our pricing models reflect the levels of testing and high manufacturing tolerances and the high quality of our products.

There have been news stories appearing this week about Aflatoxin in coconut oil in Sri Lanka; this has probably come from oil made from Copra (coconut that has been dried on the ground, and this is where the Aflatoxin comes from). http://www.colombopage.com/archive_21A/Apr02_1617337348CH.php

There have also been stories about coconut oils that have been mixed from different sources and even different countries and, in one case imported and held in warehouses and then exported as a new country of origin. Sri Lanka is now looking to ban sales of mixed coconut oil – (https://www.onlanka.com/news/sale-of-mixed-coconut-oil-will-be-banned-minister.html)

Our organic coconut oil is tested to ensure purity with specifically documented provenance and only from our farms and factories in the Philippines. (Organic is not something that can be tested for – it is purely the documentary lineage that proves its source). And our pricing reflects this.


If you have any questions about our coconut oil, please get in touch.



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