Will Palm hit lowest level since 2015?

Today is a fine example of when even the best most knowledgeable people involved in edible oils disagree. We have reports today that Palm oil is rising on the back of reports of slowing production during June after slower production in May. Also Soya price moving up in America is reinforcing these gains. However we have also seen report from Dorab Mistry saying that Palm oil will hit a low price not seen since last summer 2015 by the end of 2018. His only caveat is that Crude oil stays stable. One point, is there any guarantee of stable price if the current trade war between USA and the rest of the world escalates? Coconut oil for now seems to be going along for the ride although we watch and wait for typhoon season.

Desiccated prices for now seem to have some stability as oil also holds its position.Prices are higher then we would expect with coconut oil being so low. But production staff shortages in the Philippines are hampering most shippers with factories working well blow optimum. In fact we hear some shippers running as low as 60% capacity. Its likely that it will take higher wages and other benefits to attract staff which will only widen the gap between desiccated prices and the less labour intensive oil production.


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